Bob Alspaugh, NAB

Let me share a classic Salvation Army moment.

Each year my wife, Peggy, and I invite a few friends to the Salvation Army luncheon in Monterey where, in 7 minutes, the goal is to collect as many dollars as possible. We believe that it was best to not invite the same friends each year, so as not to “over tax our close friends.”

After the lunch this year, more than $160,000 was collected (and I am happy to report our kettle came in 4th place!). We were pleasantly surprised that two of our friends called to say that they were disappointed they were not invited to the luncheon, but were sending in a check to the Army.

Here’s the moral of this story.   The Salvation Army is America’s favorite charity, and no matter what is the state of the economic environment, Americans want to help those who are less fortunate.

“Hand to man.” Never fail to ask. People love to give to the Salvation Army.