Cindy Curtis, Alaska

My husband, Dale, and I along with our two children, Wendy and Chad, moved to Anchorage from Spokane, Washington in 1976 with the intention of staying only a year!  I went to work for TOTE in 1978 as the Executive Assistant and in 1990 found myself becoming involved with nonprofits due to TOTE’s ever increasing participation in community events.

I attended my first Salvation Army Board meeting in 1991 after being advised that the Board was hoping to have a representative from the transportation industry.  After my first tour of the various Salvation Army facilities, I was hooked!  Since 1991 I have served as Chair of the Development Committee, Secretary of the Board, Vice Chair and Chair of the Board.

I would like to see each Board member become as actively involved with the programs of the Salvation Army as they possibly can – whether through project planning, donating dollars, or promoting the Army in their office and in the community.  In my two years as Board Chair I worked to more fully engage our Board membership to a higher level of participation and enthusiasm for the mission of the Army.  There is so much that needs to be done for the various programs but the community needs to be made aware of the needs – our job is to carry that message to those who can help and lend our expertise to getting the job done.

I especially like working on “fun(d)” type projects that not only raise dollars but educate as well.  I was involved with the planning of the first Season of Giving luncheon and I still enjoy participating in that event.  More recently, my efforts have been directed to supporting the Transformed Treasures Auction, which helps promote recycling, as well as sharing The Salvation Army’s story of transformation in the lives of those we serve.  It is so rewarding to have people leave at the end of the program and overhear them talking about how “I didn’t realize the Salvation Army was involved in that”.

One of my greatest experiences with the Army was my recent trip to Philadelphia for the NAOC convention – to see 1800 people including many from high places come together in support of this organization was very encouraging and rejuvenating!