Dave Frauenshuh, NAB

In 2003 I worked closely with The Salvation Army staff here in Minneapolis/St. Paul as their Christmas Campaign Chairman.  The Red Kettle drive in St. Paul, MN that year was remarkable, not to mention the temperature was around 20 below zero.  But, the cold did not matter.  Our donors braved the cold and gave from their hearts as we rang the bell.

I can look back on a number of experiences with The Salvation Army, the Minneapolis and St. Paul Toy Shop at Christmas time, the Harbor Light heart-wrenching and yet uplifting events with Envoy Miller who welcomes all with a hug and a smile.

In the year 2006 I was asked to serve on The Salvation Army National Advisory Board.  My decision to be part of the NAB was immediate.  The Salvation Army’s adage “Doing The Most Good” is exactly what they do….rebuilding lives, being the first to help disaster areas, fighting human trafficking, local drug and alcoholism rehabilitation facilities.  The list goes on and on.

Finally, we have had recent retirements of our Territorial Commissioners, as well as, National Commander Commissioner Israel and Commissioner Eva Gaither.  They all will be missed.  The amazing thing is that God working through the Army replaces them with loving talented disciples.

To serve on The Salvation Army National Advisory Board, is to serve God and to help all His people.  I am truly honored to meet and work with such wonderful, humble, God-Serving members of the Army.