Dick Davis, NAB

More than twenty years ago Beverly and I bought a place in the Palm Springs area where we intended to live part time while many of my business enterprises began to wind down.

But, you can only play so much golf, and bridge, then you feel the urge to get involved in your adopted community affairs, and to reach out to those less fortunate in life.

We had only minimal involvement with the Salvation Army during our earlier years living in the Bay Area, but we soon noticed a storefront operation in Cathedral City, which had the Salvation Army shield in front, and a lot of activity within.

Offers to lend a hand were immediately met with great enthusiasm, and soon I was asked to help form an advisory board and assist in making plans for the future.

We built that board from scratch. . . first just five of us and two of them were gone in a couple of months.  My wife Beverly joined, then National Advisory Board member Dick Tucker discovered our little operation and he, too, joined up.

We were off and running!

In the years that followed we helped plan and finance a new community corps center.  We bought the land, then helped out with the corps complex and in 2005 the “Dick and Beverly Davis Corps Community Center” was completed.

While it was never our intention to see our name in lights, we are so very proud of the accomplishments that we have seen grow in this desert community.  In spite of its reputation for an opulent life style, much of the desert population is desperately poor, and the work we helped to found has made huge changes in the lives of these less fortunate folks.

So, I suppose the point of this whole story is simply this:

First, I firmly believe that The Salvation Army delivers “the most bang for the buck!”

Second, that The Salvation Army truly changes lives of those in greatest need.

And finally, no one should simply retire and think that one’s life work is done, no matter what your circumstance, there is always just a little more that can be accomplished through our great Army effort.