John Hintz, Tucson

In February of 2010, a friend who was speaking at the ARC Banquet got me to come with him.  It was a “western theme” and I was in a suit.  I had not been there more than a few minutes when the “sheriff” came up to me and put me in their jail.  As they were serving dinner, with the smell of the great food filling the air, the “sheriff” came to me and said I could get out on “parole” if I would agree to consider being on the ARC Advisory Committee. I was really hungry.  The smell and sight of this great food were overwhelming, I agreed.

During the program, I heard several men give their story of recovery and I was impressed.  As I observed that day, I realized this was an organization which sees each of these men in the same way God sees them: as valuable, individuals whom He loves.  I saw those in the ARC love them too.  As I learned more and more I realized the ARC is first and foremost a spiritual program, a Christ-centered program whose goal is to reach these men with addictions and give them the opportunity for a true recovery.  This recovery includes the entire man. Spiritual recovery occurs through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Mental and physical recovery occurs as the men get sober, learned how to live a sober life, and every day witness God’s love for them in the lives of those involved with their recovery.

I was hooked!  As I got more and more involved with ARC, I became really hooked!   I thank God daily for ARC and pray for His blessings on this organization.