Joyce Glazer, NAB

I have sponsored our Divisional Commander in our Rotary Club which consists of over 500 members, the 5th largest Club in the world.  I take every opportunity to sit with her and introduce her to other Club members.  Most of the business and community leaders in our city belong to this Club so it is excellent exposure and a good way to develop relationships.  It is also good to include your Officer in any community events you are attending.

Go through your rolodex and see who you might be able to set up an appointment with to make introductions.  We just had one last week with a person we had never before met with.  We sat around the table just to talk.  I told this philanthropist we wanted to get to know her, we wanted her to know us and also to know what we were doing.  She was shocked to learn that we administer 26 programs with an annual budget of $35 million.  We had agreed to a one hour appointment so at the end of the hour I thanked her for her time and she willingly agreed to a second visit.

Try it, you’ll like it!  And you may even make a new friend for the Army.