Marlene Klotz-Collins, NAB

Like so many others, I am in the ranks of “absolutely passionate” about The Salvation Army. I love the mission, the heart, the compassion, the tenacity that embodies this amazing organization.

How many times have we heard it: “The Salvation Army is the best-kept secret in the world.”

Well now it is easier than ever to do our part to change all of that.

It has never been more important to educate our advisory organization members and share helpful, even intriguing, information about The Salvation Army. Why not identify someone on your board to begin sending brief blurbs of Army happenings to the membership in-between board meetings. It can be as simple as visiting the Army’s FaceBook page or web site, copy and pasting a link or a story. Be sure to include board, council, auxiliary, ARC and other members in the address list. Beyond educating, you will be providing info for them to use in casual conversation with others in their world who may know little or nothing about the vast breadth and depth of the Army’s work.