Max Dunn, California

About four years ago I was having lunch with a friend and in the conversation he mentioned that he had gotten involved with The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Program at Lytton Springs, an installation just north of Healdsburg, California.  I told him I knew nothing about The Salvation Army, other than knowing it was a world wide Christian organization.  I agreed to be his guest at the next breakfast meeting at Lytton Springs.

I joined the Advisory Committee and this got me started.  I have gained a great admiration for the Adult Rehabilitation Program and have become very involved as a volunteer at Lytton Spring, heading up the program group of the Advisory Committee, and in addition, have become involved in counseling the beneficiaries and teaching the anger management class.

My eyes have been opened to the tremendous need towork with drug and alcoholic addicts.  The six months program at Lytton, a severty five bed facility, now only provides work therapy for the beneficiaries, but also is the catalyst by which many men come into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

I cannot imagine a more rewarding way to spend time than to be part of The Salvation Army Rehabilitation Program.  I am grateful that my friend mentioned Lytton Springs to me.

Max Dunn