Maggie Wilhelm, San Jose


When I was first asked to attend an ARC lunch meeting, I was not really sure how or what the ARC does.  As I’ve become a member and an officer of the ARC council, I am overwhelmed with how many people and in how many ways the ARC helps men and families return to enjoying their lives and being productive to themselves and loving to their families and their communities.  This feeling was magnetized to me when actor Hugh O’Brian, aka Wyatt Earp, agreed to come to San Jose to be a speaker at our Sobriety banquet.  In 1958 when Hugh O’Brian visited me while I was dying in a Texas Children’s Hospital with a heart disease, he left me with words that for the last 50+ years have given me the strength and the encouragement to want to live, and the aspiration to help others have that same desire.  It was my goal and hope that his speech and presence at our Sobriety banquet could do the same for many of the men here.

Maggie Wilhelm

ARC Council Member