Rob Pace, NAB

It was my great honor to once serve as the Chairman of the National Advisory Board (NAB) of The Salvation Army in America.  A major focus of the NAB during my tenure was on the development of a long-range strategic plan.  As I met with the Army’s advisory boards and officer personnel in Divisions around the country, I was struck by how many of you are also undertaking or contemplating a similar exercise. It is critical for any Salvation Army entity that desires to undertake a strategic plan to have strong alignment with their respective counter-part within the Army.  Change is hard.  This is particularly true at any organization as established and successful as The Salvation Army.  I would never recommend undertaking a strategic planning process if Army leadership is not equally committed and driving it.  Prayer is vital.  I am convinced that God has anointed The Salvation Army due to our passion to serve the marginalized and to proclaim his Gospel.   At certain junctures in our process, I feared that frustrations and obstacles might derail our whole process and be a major setback to our organization for years to come.  At key times, I definitely felt God’s direct hand over the process.  Be faithful.  He will provide!